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The Importance of Selfishness to be a Great Partner and Lover!

  During my training, I was taught "everyone owns their own orgasm!" This concept is true not just sexually but relationally as well. When it comes to the success of a relationship and intimacy, we each have the responsibility of...

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Time For a Customized Relationship, The Traditional Model is Not Working!

In this time and season, societal rules and protocols are ever-changing. What's right, and what's wrong varies by day. Who are they/them of the world that tells us what the right structure is for our lives? Why should we even listen to them?...

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To Fight or Not To Fight….

To fight or not to fight? That should not be the question. The real question should be "how do we fight fair in our relationships?" Often I share with clients just because couples fight and argue with one another doesn't mean that they...

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Female Masturbation Has A New Name & Attitude!

Women how will changing the name of Female Masturbation to Klittra change your perspective on exploring your sensual self? Throughout the decade’s masturbation, particularly Female Masturbation, has been thought of as taboo, with horrifying...

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Being a Great Lover Starts with Self Awareness and Personal Exploration

Sexuality is influenced by the many components that make you who you are. It is not just a physical thing, mental, emotional, and social factors all play a role in intimate connections. These components are influenced by Identity, culture,...

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