February is American Heart Month

National “Wear Red” Day for women’s heart health (Feb. 7)

“Be a key factor in your own equation of life!” Toddism 2020 ©

It is a Matter of the Heart!


An Important Message for Women:

 Heart Disease is the number one killer of American women. Recognizing symptoms and risks, making lifestyle changes, and getting timely care can save a woman's life. Women's Heart Week is a national outreach campaign aimed at improving women's outcomes from this deadly disease. Heart disease is America’s leading killer of women over the age of 34. Most women are not aware of this fact and fail to recognize their risk factors for heart disease. It is important to know that your heart health is not just the physical nature of health, but your emotional and mental wellness as well. There is a direct connection between emotional health and physical disease. 


Women’s symptoms, especially those that are milder, often go ignored. Women often miss out on critical opportunities to save their own lives. Women's Heart Foundation (WHF) recognizes that women are busier than ever as they juggle career, family, and caregiving responsibilities. For many, each day resembles a jigsaw puzzle in which a woman is required to piece together her time and obligations.


Now, more than ever, women need to take time out for themselves and be given a reminder: Take Care of Your Heart. Contact us at (704) 937-2286 or info@innerpeacecounselingcenter.com to find out more on how to “Be a key factor in your own equation of life!” You and your heart matter!


The team at Inner Peace Counseling Center