Female Masturbation Has A New Name & Attitude!

Women how will changing the name of Female Masturbation to Klittra change your perspective on exploring your sensual self? Throughout the decade’s masturbation, particularly Female Masturbation, has been thought of as taboo, with horrifying consequences. As little girl or a young woman you were not taught to explore your sensual self, especially for your personal pleasure. Equally stunning, you were not given the proper name for your “private parts,” the vulva.” Your private parts should not be private to you, hummmm!  They should only be as private as you decide them to be. To change the perspective of what you have learned about Female Masturbation, and your private parts from your mom’s, church, temple, mosque, or your friends ideals, you are being encouraged to empower yourself to explore your outer and inner parts. By a change in name to Klittra, to catapult your way into destroying faulty programing and celebrate your personal sensual self. Let’s blow up the term masturbation and use the unofficial Swedish name of “Klittra.” Klittra combines the words "clitoris" (klitoris) and "glitter" (glittra) in an effort to encourage a positive outlook on women's sexual pleasure. Tell me what you think! Share how you believe changing the term of Female Masturbation to klittra changes your view on exploring your sensual self! Todd Malloy is a relationship and sex therapist in in private practice in Charlotte, N.C. and on the staff of the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program (UMSHCP), which provides comprehensive education and training to professionals interested in the field of sexual health. For more information on enabling your inner power to celebrate and live an empowered life, visit www.ipcctr.com or call (704) 937-2286.