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Sexual Counseling in Huntersville, NC

It is a known scientific and researched fact that we are sexual beings. Therefore, the importance of sexual health cannot be stressed enough. Sexual experiences and intimacy are an important part of human functionality and life.

Because of different cultures, ethnicities and stigmas, sex is not the same for everyone. Maintaining positive sexual health and constructs can be difficult, as one grows through puberty, young adulthood and older adulthood.

There are a wide range of difficulties that many face when it comes to their sexual health and intimacy. If you feel as if your lack of desire, aversion to sexual or intimate interaction, etc. is unusual, it's not. There are many others that have faced or are currently facing a similar struggle.

Whether the struggle branches from:

  • Physical health or mental health issues
  • Due to a traumatic experience
  • Due to a history of Neglect
  • Not feeling secure, safe or value enough to be aroused

No matter the origin of the problem, Inner Peace Counseling Center understands the importance of maintaining positive sexual health and intimacy, both mentally and physically. Within our safe environment, you can process through your sexual and intimate matters to a Certified Sex Therapist and Sexuality Educator.

Inner Peace Counseling Center has one of the few Certified Sex Therapists in the Huntersville, NC area. Let our therapists at our center partner with you and journey with you as you achieve your sexual health and intimate goals.

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